International Students Enrollment

Ukrainian-American Concordia University announces the 2020 enrollment campaign in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for international students.


Ukrainian-American Concordia University enrolls students from Greece, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Nigeria, Korea, Japan, Venezuela, Ghana, Algeria, Georgia, Armenia, Libya, Syria and many other states. Every year, there is a substantial increase in the geographical scope and the number of foreign applicants. International students are enrolled at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University in full-time (on-campus) and extramural (online) modes.


The language of instruction at UACU is English in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” (Article 48).

International students enrolled at UACU are provided with hostel accommodation. They have full access to UACU’s library resources and eagerly participate in social and cultural extracurricular events and activities. Local and international students study together. All international students are to pay the established tuition fees.


Degree Programs for International Students:

Speciality (filed of study) Educational-professional program / Specialization(s) / Major(s) Level Duration
Management Business Administration Master 1.5 year
Management Management Bachelor 4 years
IT Management
Management of Hotel Business
International Economic Relations International Economic Relations Bachelor 4 years
International Business
International Economics


International BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs hold accreditation from the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), acknowledged by CHEA.

These programs are an intrinsic part of the UACU’s undergraduate (bachelor’s) and graduate (master’s) degree programs accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

UACU graduates receive two diplomas, a state diploma and an international certificate.


Rules and Procedure for International Admissions:

1. Ukrainian-American Concordia University provides education to foreign citizens and stateless persons relying upon the Laws of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”, “On Foreign Ukrainians”, and other relevant regulations.

2. Foreigners arriving in Ukraine in order to receive an education at the expense of private individuals and legal entities, may be enrolled in the accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs “Management” and “International Economic Relations” at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University two times a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (from June 1st – November 1st, and from January 2nd – March 1st respectively).

3. Foreigners are enrolled at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University on grounds of administrative orders on admission listed on the Unified State Electronic Database on Education.

4. Foreigners and stateless persons submit to the Admissions Office the following:

  • the Certificate of previous (matriculation / school leaving / high school diploma / etc.) education or degree obtained with the accompanying Transcript Record, containing the names of subjects, scores and grades achieved (nostrified and legalized translation into Ukrainian);
  • a valid Medical Certificate, certifying absence of medical contraindications for studying in Ukraine (consular legalization);
  • a photocopy of a valid Medical Insurance Policy testifying their right for urgent medical treatment;
  • a notarized photocopy of the national passport (its notarized translation into Ukrainian);
  • the Invitation to Study (original);
  • the Certificate of Legalization (nostrification) of a foreign document on education in Ukraine;
  • 14 (fourteen) photos (3 x 4 cm), matte type.

5. The language of instruction at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University is English. The curriculum includes a course of the Ukrainian language.

6. Foreigners are enrolled into a bachelor’s degree program based on the admission examination results (evaluated on the 100-point scale transferred from the 200-point placement test; the competitive score being 100–200) on the terms and pursuant to the conditions set forth in the Student Agreement signed.

7. Foreigners are enrolled into a master’s degree program on grounds of a previously obtained bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related speciality (field of study) or specialization and based on the admission examinations results: English and the principal subject in the specialist area(s). In order to qualify for admission to other programs (in a speciality which is not related to the previously obtained degree) an entrant is to undergo training in the core baccalaureate subjects. Admission examinations results are evaluated on the 100-point scale transferred from the 200-point placement test, the competitive score being 100–200.

8. Foreigners arriving in Ukraine in order to participate in academic mobility schemes or to receive a higher education on the programs and curricula approved by institutions of higher education in their country of citizenship and Ukraine are enrolled on grounds of and with due regard for the relevant agreement commitments of UACU.

9. The Preparatory Department for international students provides language training according to the education plan within one year. Applications to the Preparatory Department are accepted all year round. Students/trainees receive a relevant certificate on completion.



Ukrainian-American Concordia University has trained succesful highly qualified specialists for more than 20 years.