The contest for the academic year 2019/2020 is over!

If you want to learn more about the current contest, please go to CONTEST SCHEDULE 2018/2019.

The contest for the academic year 2020/2021 will be announced around October 2019.

General Information

HMC (Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference) is an association of the Headteachers of many of the leading independent schools in the United Kingdom. HMC Projects is a British charitable trust which organises two scholarship programmes targeted at talented 16/17 year-olds from non-affluent backgrounds in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It takes about 90 scholars each year and places them in some 60 boarding schools in all parts of the UK, so that they can study for the full two-year Sixth Form programme and take internationally recognised qualifications (A levels, the International Baccalaureate or Scottish Highers).

HMC Projects Scholars come from 14 countries in all: Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Since HMC Projects started in 1992 some 1800 young people have received scholarships from a range of boarding schools in the UK and in some cases abroad. 62 Ukrainian scholars have won HMC Projects scholarships since 2009.

Scholarships are advertised nationally each autumn (normally in October) and the advertisements will carry details of the persons and addresses to be contacted. Applications are made through your HMC Projects Country Coordinator – Ukrainian-American Concordia University around November time. Selection Interviews take place in January or February. Those awarded scholarships start the new school year in September.

In Ukraine, the HMC Projects Scholarship Programme started in Kirovohrad (Kropyvnytsky) around the 90s under the patronage of a resident of Great Britain of Ukrainian descent. In Kropyvnytsky, the scholarship is still known under the name “Elworthy-HMC”. Between 2008–2017, the contest was organised by the Ukrainian Schoolheads’ Association. Since September 2017, Ukrainian-American Concordia University is responsible for administering the programme nationally acting as HMC Projects Country Coordinator for Ukraine, organising student interviews and providing support and advice for the scholars before their departure to the UK.

For more information, please read HMC Projects in brief or visit www.hmc.org.uk/projects

To learn more about the current contest, please follow the link tContest Schedule 2018/2019.

Two Scholarship Programmes:

There are two parallel scholarship programmes for students who join the Lower 6th initially for one year, although it is now the normal practice for schools to invite students to stay on for the second year of the Sixth Form:

  • Full Scholarship Programme
  • Reduced Fee Scholarship Programme

HMC Projects Full Scholarships are intended to benefit those whose parents cannot afford to pay full United Kingdom boarding school fees. Schools participating in the Scheme consider this to be part of how they offer public benefit. Scholars offered a full scholarship are placed by HMC Projects in a school which has offered a firm place on the programme. To be eligible to apply your parents’/family’s income (during 2018) must not exceed the equivalent of £30,000. Just under 60 students from 14 countries won full scholarships in 2018.

Students who perform very strongly in the selection process, but who cannot be offered a full scholarship may have their names added to a list of reserves. These candidates are offered the opportunity to apply for a reduced fee scholarship along with the small number of those specifically selected by the interviewers because parental income is between £30,000 – £80,000 per annum. Schools which have offered a place/places will then choose their preferred applicants from those who apply. Reduced fee scholars pay partial fees to the school: typically, 20–25% of full fees (from £5,000 to 10,000 per annum). HMC Projects cannot guarantee that all recommended students who apply will be offered a place. 35 students won reduced fee scholarships in 2018.

You can find full details of the two scholarship programmes on the HMC website www.hmc.org.uk/projects

Could You Win a Scholarship?

  • Are you bright, able, adaptable, different, ambitious, interesting?
  • Do you have consistently excellent school grades?
  • Do you have a very good command of English, spoken and written?
  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Could you not only cope, but thrive in a new environment, away from home, immersed in a different approach to learning?
  • Could you contribute to your new school academically, socially, culturally, in the arts, in sports?
  • Will you inspire others in the classroom? Are you ready to make new, lifelong friends?
  • Would you be a great ambassador for your own country?

HMC Projects will select students who, in addition to being very good in their academic studies, are sociable, adaptable, interesting and interested in other people and in ideas; they need to have charm and be ready to give of themselves to their new communities.

How to Apply

In order to apply, you should email the Country Coordinator for Ukraine Ukrainian-American Concordia University at hmcprojects@wiuu.edu.ua.
The contest for the academic year starting September 2019 was announced on October 8th, 2018. No applications for the current contest are currently considered as the selection interviews are over.
If you want to apply for the next year’s programme, please wait until the new contest (for the academic year starting September 2020) is announced around October 2019.
To learn more about the current contest, please follow the link to Contest Schedule 2018/2019. 

To get further information on the organisation of the contest in Ukraine please visit the page Contest Schedule in Ukraine 2018/2019.

Eligibility for HMC Projects Scholarships


  • You must apply via the HMC Projects Country Coordinator in your country. The current HMC Projects Country Coordinator for Ukraine is Ukrainian-American Concordia University (previously named Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine).
  • To be eligible for the HMC Projects Scholarship Programme you should be no younger than 16 years old and not older than 17 years and 6 months on 1st September (i.e. to start on 1st September 2019, a student’s date of birth must be between 1st February 2002 and 1st September 2003).
  • An applicant and his/her parents should complete all parts of the application form in which you tell HMC Projects about yourself and your achievements and write about why you want to win a scholarship. You will also organise references from your teachers, take an English Language test and, if invited, you will attend an interview in your own country with one or more representatives of HMC Projects.
  • Your parents or guardians must support your desire to win a scholarship. You cannot apply without your parents’ consent!
  • HMC Projects Full Scholarships are intended to benefit those whose parents cannot afford to pay full United Kingdom boarding school fees. Thus, the combined parental income of applicants must not exceed £30,000 as assessed during 2018 (disposable income after tax has been paid). The parents of applicants for a full scholarship must sign a declaration that their combined net annual income during 2018 will not have exceeded the equivalent of £30,000. Applicants, whose combined parental income exceeds £30,000 (and falls between £30,000 and £80,000) during 2018 and so who are not eligible for full scholarships, are welcome to apply for a Reduced Fee Scholarship. If family income exceeds £80,000 then applicants are ineligible for both programmes.
  • The parents of applicants invited to interview must also complete a separate Parental Income and Assets Declaration form.
  • A student may not accept an HMC Projects scholarship if he or she is holding a place at another British Independent school.

What Will You Have to Pay?

Full Scholarships. The full scholarship awarded by the school will cover all tuition fees and residential boarding fees (incl. meals and laundry during term time). For holders of non-EEA passports (incl. Ukraine) HMC Projects charge an administrative fee of £900, payable to HMC Projects by parents of all HMC Projects scholars as a necessary contribution to the funding of such expenses as interviews, initial student bursaries (£300) and half term support. The latest date for payment is 1st July 2019.  Thereafter, this fee is not refundable. To this must be added the cost of a visa and UK health insurance.

Reduced Fee Scholarships. Reduced fee scholars do not pay an administrative fee and so receive no bursary or any other benefits from HMC Projects. Your family will have to pay reduced school fees – typically between £5,000 and £10,000 each year.

Those scholars who are selected for interviews are supposed to pay a small administrative fee to the Country Coordinator.

You will have to pay your travel costs to and from the UK, to and from school to the nearest airport (incl. main and half term holidays). All HMCP students are expected to travel home during the main school holidays.  But this is not always possible and there will be a very limited number of supervised home stay places in the UK. Furthermore, if you have friends/relatives in the UK, it is fine for your son/daughter to stay with them over the half term holiday.

Your family will also have to pay visa and healthcare costs.

There are likely to be some extras that will be added to a termly account presented to parents by the school at the end of each term, to be paid before the start of the following term.  This might include such things as weekend trips away from the school site, certain stationery requirements and specialist activities which are not part of the school’s core curriculum (£50–£100 per term). Students will receive advice and guidance both from their school and from HMC Projects as to how they can keep such costs to an absolute minimum.

Personal Data Protection
Ukrainian-American Concordia University as the Country Coordinator for Ukraine will act in accordance with the policy for data collection, security, use and retention defined by HMC Projects in Central and Eastern Europe in compliance with the legal requirements of the general data protection requirements (GDPR) in the UK.