Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program

Ukrainian-American Concordia University announces the call for application into the Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program in Economics.

Program Description

UACU postgraduate program leads to obtaining a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Economics (051 Economics / 05 Social and Behavioral Sciences) as specified by the MESU Order No. 956-л dated September 05, 2019. UACU is licensed to train foreign nationals and stateless persons at the Doctorate level.

The main focus of the program is conducting scientific research in the field of economics and writing the doctoral thesis. Areas of specialization include natural resource and environmental protection economics, economics and business management, etc.

Our Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Economics provides students with the opportunities:

  • To combine advanced training in the field with teaching and applied research
  • To possess the skills essential for successful careers as university professors, scientific experts, consultants and advisors to private businesses and the government. 
  • To pursue a career in academia, research, or at the top levels of the business world.

The program combines the best approaches of the classical doctorate with the up-to-date practices of American and European doctoral research programs.

UACU Doctoral Program is composed of advanced academic coursework and research work, incl.:

Program Components


Advanced Coursework

·         Lectures, workshops and seminars

·         Course examinations

·         Comprehensive Special Field Examination

·         Academic internship (performing teaching duties)

Research Work

·         Individual meetings with Ph.D. Supervisor

·         Performing the research

·         Scientific/scholarly publications

·         Scientific/scholarly internship

·         Preparation of the dissertation thesis


All doctoral students study the following courses:

  • Research Methods and Analysis (offered within UACU master’s program)
  • Global Economics: Contemporary Economic Tendencies and Challenges
  • Modern Teaching Methods and Techniques
  • Project and Grant Management
  • Academic Integrity
  • English for Academic Purposes

This full-time / distance program combines the campus based and online modes of studies depending on the type of coursework and research activities, i.e. examinations and academic internships are set on campus, whilst lectures are delivered online, consultancy and supervision will be available online / on campus (as agreed with the Supervisor), and national and international conferences within scientific/scholarly internships are attended at a student’s discretion.

The language of instruction at UACU is English in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” (Article 48). Reporting paperwork must be submitted in Ukrainian; publications and dissertation theses are allowed in Ukrainian or English.

Duration of the Ph.D. Program: 4 years.

Admission Requirements

An individual may be enrolled in a doctoral program at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University on grounds of a complete higher education (a specialist’s or a master’s degree). In order to sit the admission examinations an applicant must submit their application for admission on time. All applicants are subject to a competitive selection process.

Admission Procedure

The documents required to be submitted for competitive selection include:

  • An application for admission addressed to the UACU Rector.
  • A photocopy of the official supplement (transcript) accompanying a Master (Specialist) Diploma.
  • A photocopy of your employment record book (if any), certified (signed and stamped) at your place of work.
  • The list of published articles and inventions (please highlight the refereed research publications in scholarly journals registered with the Department of Personnel Certification and Licensing of Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science, and in abstract and citation databases Scopus or Web of Science).
  • Copies of 2 or 3 research publications.
  • A photocopy of your taxpayer identification number (tax ID code) certificate.
  • A photocopy of your passport (first, second pages, and the page where your registration is verified).
  • A photocopy of your military service card or military service registration certificate (unless otherwise provided by law).

The documents required to support your application are to be submitted in person to the Admissions Office:

  • A document verifying your identity.
  • A military service card or military service registration certificate (unless otherwise provided by law).
  • A nationally recognized document certifying previously obtained degree / level of education (education qualification level), on the grounds of which a student is enrolled, and the official supplement (transcript) accompanying this document.

Applicants who submit a document certifying a degree (level) of education received in another state (hereinafter – the Document), must undergo the procedure of legalization and recognition (nostrification) of the Document in accordance with the Procedure established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, MESU Order No. 504 dated May 5th 2015 registered in Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice on May 27 2015, No. 614/27059.

Admission Examinations

UACU competitive doctoral admission examinations include:

  • Comprehensive admission examination in economics (master level).
  • Admission examination in a foreign language at the B2 level within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Applicants who submit valid language exam certificates, i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, Сambridge English Language Assessment certificates of the B2 or higher level within the CEFR or equivalent are eligible not to take this examination. During competitive selection, such certificates equal to the highest admission examination score.

Individuals applying for admission into the doctoral degree program at Ukrainian-American Concordia University on grounds of a basic or complete higher education in a different specialization may be subject to additional admission examination evaluated on a pass/fail scale. An applicant who receives a “fail” is disqualified from competitive doctoral admission examinations.

The order in which UACU competitive doctoral admission examinations are taken is as follows:

Additional admission examination (if required) → foreign language → speciality (economics).

Syllabuses of Doctoral Admission Examinations:

  • English language
  • Economics
  • Macroeconomics (additional)

Doctoral admission examinations results are valid for admission at UACU for 1 calendar year.

UACU admission policy does not provide for retaking competitive admission examinations.

Tuition fees are to be paid each semester.

Doctoral Admissions Office can be accessed at: 

Admissions Department

The Admission Office is open
9:00 – 18:00 on Weekdays
10:00 – 16:00 on Saturdays
Sundays: Closed

at the address:
8–14, Turhenievska Street, Kyiv
Office 1-4

Tel: +380(44)236-19-16;
Tel: +380(44)236-19-49
Tel./fax: +380(44)486-06-66 +380(50)331-42-95


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