Missing this time 💕

Dear ConcordiaUA members and friends,
Sending best wishes to all of you in this turbulent time no matter where you are.
Due to the current situation in Ukraine and worldwide we have completely switched to online studies format.
We are happy to have a developed distance-learning platform, so that transition to 100% online learning is going on rather smoothly. Hope the system will work well though the internet load is enormous these days.
Wishing you much success, let us know what you would suggest for us to virtually organize together to make this time more interesting and enjoyable!
All the university offices work distantly. We still have an office member on duty March 18-20 (+380442368184).
All information and communication regarding students studies is carried on at the distance-learning site.
Information regarding Admissions-2020, Business English Competition (April 3, 2020) and everything you need could be found through:
Information for current students is available at:
Take care and be healthy!)

About Our University

Our university is popular among students from all over the world, making it the platform for the exchange of cultural experiences. Students from 43 countries of the world are our students at the moment.

Concordia University is a Ukrainian university with American roots, training international-level professionals in management and business administration for over 20 years. Owing to the global experience of our instructors and the American approach to education, hundreds of our graduates have got employed on top managerial positions in the world’s leading companies.


Always open to communication, our faculty and guest-lecturers are highly skilled professionals in the field of business, holding senior positions in top international companies.

Dual Diplomas

Participation in our Double Degree programs is an unforgettable experience that offers our students an opportunity to join an international environment (USA, Germany, Poland).

Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

At Concordia University, you will receive internationally recognized experience and Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. degrees that will open doors for your outstanding future.

University Life

Concordia University organizes various activities during the year, such as meetings with businessmen, politicians, diplomats, business seminars, internships in international companies.

Self Development

Why Choose Concordia?

Dual diplomas, accredited in the advanced countries of the world, make our students the most competitive specialists in the world.

Practicing tutors who share their experience allow students to dive into practical business environment by providing only relevant information about their future career without wasting time on unneeded things.

Self Development

Concordia University arranges a number of activities aimed into to our student’s development.
– Conferences.
– Lectures by foreign businessmen.
– Sports activities.
– Library.

Our university is in demand among students from all over the world, which gives them the opportunity to exchange the cultural experiences.


The University of Concordia, integrated into the worldwide business community, has a large number of partners and provides a number of students exchange programs in the most advanced universities in the world.
Partners who are ready to participate in your training are: Concordia University Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, University of Koblenz-Landau, University of Occupational Safety Management, Rutgers University and others. Click here to see all.


Due to the high level of knowledge and practical skills provided by Concordia University, our graduates are taking tge leading positions in international companies such as: Porsche Finance Group, Deutsche Bank Ukraine, L’Oreal Ukraine, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, Citibank Ukraine, and also confidently create their own business.

Ukrainian-American Concordia University has trained succesful highly qualified specialists for more than 20 years.