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ATTENTION! Due to the quarantine BEC-2020 will be held ONLINE on Friday, April 3.

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Business English Competition is a unique language olympiad held by the Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcodiaUA) since 1999. Successful participants are to show high competence of Business English in terms of both language knowledge and professional communication skills. The winners will be enrolled with ConcordiaUA with full or partial tuition reimbursement. Download a brief BEC-2020 info flyer.


Date and venue

BEC–2020 will be held on Saturday April 4th 2020. The venue is 8/14 Turhenievska Street, Kyiv. The results will be announced on Friday April 10th.


The Competition is aimed at high school students (10th–11th grades of secondary comprehensive schools, lyceums, or gymnasiums) with language competence level ranging from low intermediate to advanced. The number of participants is limited to 5 students from one educational establishment.


The Panel

The BEC Panel members are Business English instructors and subject lecturers from ConcordiaUA and representatives of our partners – universities, publishing houses, businesses, and other organizations.


Content and system

The Competition comprises two stages, taking place within one day:

  • a computer test, scoring the maximum of 100 marks, and
  • an oral presentation, also scoring the maximum of 100 marks.

The highest score that can be received by a participant is 200.

Stage 1 is designed in the format of a computer test including 100 questions with low to high level of difficulty. The test is to be taken in the computer lab of ConcordiaUA on the day of the contest. Alternatively, some participants will be doing the paper test identical to its electronic version.

The objective of the test is to assess participants’ knowledge of soft business vocabulary around key business areas (e.g.: company structure, marketing, advertising, PR, general management, international trade, finance, etc.) and functional language of presentations, meetings, negotiations, telephoning, and writing in the business context. Participants are also supposed to possess background knowledge of basic rules and principles of professional communication skills, such as telephoning (effective techniques and structure), presentations (structure, body language, visualizing message), meetings (participants’ functions, effective strategies), business writing (register, basic principles, layout, structure, types of documents), negotiations (structure, basic principles); demonstrate awareness of job-hunting strategies and skills; be aware of cultural differences and peculiarities of cross-cultural communication in business.

Several types of tasks might appear on the test, i.e. matching and restoring words and phrases, reordering texts, matching, gap filling, true/false, etc.

Stage 2 is the contest of presenters. At this stage, the participants are to give business presentations, prepared in advance. The total score given for a presentation is the summation of scores for each of the items of the Presentation Evaluation Form (e.g.: eye contact with audience, linking phrases, use of business vocabulary, use of visual aids, handling questions, etc).

The presentation topic is due to be an imaginary (preferred) / real company (with the exception of Coca-Cola, P&G and alike). The talk can include any aspect(s) on the speaker’s/speakers’ choice, e.g. description of the company’s organization, products, partners, etc. The presenters are supposed to show tangible knowledge of topical business vocabulary as well as mastery in structuring the speech, using visual aids, handling questions, giving a clear summary and conclusion.

Delivery time is 7 to 10 minutes. Exceeding the time limit will allow the Panel to stop the presenter and result in losing marks.

One presentation can be designed and delivered by 1 or 2 participants. Each speaker, however, is evaluated separately.

A successful presentation is to meet the following requirements:

  • be delivered orally
  • be supported with visual aids
  • be easily identified as a business presentation, not a political speech, school performance, drama or slide show
  • keep the listeners awake and, ideally, interested during the speech
  • last not less than 7 and not more than 10 minutes (3 to 5 minutes are allotted for questions from the Panel)
  • not use company-produced demo materials such as ready-made PowerPoint slides (these do not include gimmicks, business cards, booklets, brochures, posters, and other objects carrying company logos, slogans and contact information).

Recommended visual aids are PowerPoint slides, handouts, posters, video, product samples, etc. The necessary equipment is provided by ConcordiaUA.



Parents, school teachers / instructors, and group leaders are not supposed to assist their students during the contest to avoid cheating.

During Stage 1, participants are not allowed to use paper or electronic dictionaries. If someone is noticed cheating, their tests are not marked. During Stage 2, however, upon the Panel’s consent, parents and teachers can be present in the room to support the speakers.


The winners

The three (or, by ConcordiaUA administration decision, six) BEC winners (places 1–3) are supposed to demonstrate high competence in all areas of Business English knowledge and skills assessed by receiving the highest scores in completion of all/most tasks and assignments offered. Thus, to win, a contestant has to take part in both BEC stages.

The Panel might also grant special prizes and special awards for best or considerable competence shown in one of the stages.


Application procedure

Application for participation in the Business English Competition – 2020 is possible directly through our website, and also via fax, е-mail or telephone. Deadline for all applications is March 31st, 2020.

Should you have a question or need more information, please visit our Facebook group “Business English Competition“.

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