Mrs. Iryna Krupska – Peace Corps Ukraine, Training Manager (2006)

We have been collaborating with ConcordiaUA (WIUU) students for 2 years. They fulfill their tasks clearly and with initiative: editing informational materials, showing good knowledge of English and Business skills. On the whole I rate WIUU students very high. Interns of WIUU  found their applications in the language training, as well as putting together advertising catalogues.

Olena Gryn – Peace Corps Ukraine, Administrative Clerk (2005)

I started working in Peace Corps Ukraine in 2004, after 2 months’ internship. I gained huge administrative and organizational experience working in a high paced environment, improved my multi-lingual and analytical thinking skills, and earned some money of course 🙂

It is difficult to use the word “internship”, while talking about two months of wonderful experience in Peace Corps Ukraine. Right now, I am a part of a wonderful community that consists of the workers of our organization. I like my job!

Mr. Oleksandr Prydorozhko – Volvo Truck Corporation, Financial manager of Volvo Ukraine LLC. (2007)

Before starting cooperating with your university our General Manager gave a presentation to your students. His impressions were very positive. Analyzing their questions, Mr. Christian Coolsaet noted, that the students of WIUU have their point of view of the development of business in Ukraine and the desire to be successful and competitive. They demonstrated the business background they had, and the great desire to study and gain new experience. We wish WIUU students to be innovative and professional at their future jobs.

Andriy Yevdoshchek – Volvo Truck Corporation, (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2007)

Last year I went to Volvo Ukraine LLC during my summer internship. Even though it was my first experience in international company, I’ve got a very serious task. It was a research that would benefit the whole company and I was trying to do my best in accomplishing it. I liked friendly atmosphere inside the company. I felt comfortable and confident at my workplace. I was treated like a company worker, as part of the team. If I had any problems, there were always people, who offered their help.

This winter I went to Volvo again. I was in the financial department and learned a lot of new information that is very beneficial for my future. I was working with financial statements of companies, contracts, took part at the meetings with customers, worked closely with Microsoft applications, especially Excel. I am very happy that the company gave me an opportunity to gain experience.

Yury Polgorodnyk – Daewoo International Corporation (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2011)

During my Study in WIUU I had a great experience in both education and student life. I would describe university program as quite competitive on Ukrainian education market, it provides students with ability to work in groups, enhance critical thinking and decision-making. It is worth mentioning that student empowerment in WIUU is on a higher level than in most of other educational institutions. Ofcource knowledge of language can be improved here as well. University also encourages students to take part in different events of social and professional thematic. Personally I took a great pleasure from taking part at 2 economic conference. Also university staff really does help students find internship possibilities and study program on latest courses is mainly designed in such a manner that students are able to visit at least a part time job jointly with university classes.

Mr. Joahim Bentz – Nivea Company in Ukraine, Marketing Manager (2013)

For jobs in my department (Marketing) I can say that students are nicely prepared. First BIG advantage is English, this is a key objective criteria – you can be the brightest student with great knowledge, not knowing English you will fail in the first round of interviews. Then regarding such factors like hard skills – here I think students are nicely prepared (of course it depends on each individual student if he/she really learned, but the opportunity is there). Personally I like that the university pays so much attention to teamwork and business plan projects. Teamwork is important as more and more company projects are run in groups and it is good to have experienced even difficult conflict team-situations. The business plan projects help to see and understand the big picture which is very helpful too.

Ivanna  Smyrnova,  Marketing specialist in Danone (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) graduate – 2013) 

I’ve been working in Danone for about a year. I have found it trough WIUU career department. And, to be honest, from the very beginning I fell in love with Danone Company. I was hired as a Marketing Trainee and had a great opportunity to combine my studies and work. Which is extremely important! I saw an international company from inside. Of course, we have talked about the structure in university, but to “touch” it in real life is absolutely  different thing! I understood the correlation between the departments, their roles, processes, and how it all actually works. Danone is a great  company where you can get a huge experience in FMCG industry; communicate with real professionals and just great people. It is very important that everything what is happening in Danone – is happening locally. All decisions are taken here in Ukraine. It’s really huge experience and you have much more space for actions and development. Here you can create and make decisions.  It is the company that has great values and mission; the company that makes people’s life better and healthier. It is a place where you feel yourself as a part of something important;  with very warm atmosphere and great team! I have found myself here, found the field where I would like to operate in Marketing! Moreover I am planning to develop myself  in this company further.  What can I say……….. I love my job!  And I am extreamly happy to be a part of  Danone Ukraine!

Yakovlieva Alina, Marketing trainee at Danone (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) graduate – 2013)

In 2013 I have got my Bachelor’s degree in WIUU. During my senior year at the university I was working at marketing research company  “Ukrainian Marketing Group (UMG) International”. I worked in qualitative research department for 6 months. In May 2013 I left UMG and started working at the Marketing Department at Danone company. The knowledge I acquired in the university has helped me a lot in getting this particular job.  Moreover, I have implemented everything I know at these job position.

Lisa Marchenko  (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) graduate  – 2013)

Officer of dealer care center. (DCC Officer) at Porsche Finance Group

It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of the PFG team spirit and it would’ve not happened without WIUU that loves its students greatly.  I’m thankful to Alexandra and the whole university staff as well that they have given me the opportunity to find the loveliest service provider.

Josef Graf

The Chairman of the Management Board at Porsche Leasing and Porsche Finance Group

WIUU, thank you for your partnership! We get only best personalities from your institute, as Lisa Marchenko is one of them. We are very proud about their engagement and spirit, and love to work with them as well than with WIUU as our partner university! Thank’s a lot!

About Porsche

It is a unique company with strong ideals. Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. We constantly meet our own high demands and have a definite idea about who we are and how we approach things. As a result, despite what others may be doing, we at Porsche actively seek to stretch boundaries and are committed to continual improvement.   Based on the principle of achieving maximum output from minimum input, this race-inspired philosophy is integral to each and every one of our cars. We call it Porsche Intelligent Performance.

Individuality – The Porsche Principle Intelligence – The Technical Principle Passion – The Human Principle Excellence – The Perfomance Principle Excitement – The Experience Principle Vision – The Perspectives Principle Confidence – The Tradition Principle.

Charity Foundation “Blagomay” (2012-present)

Tatyana Skrygina (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) Graduate 2007) – Founder and Chairman at Charity Foundation “Blagomay”

Blagomay is a charity organization which was set up by students and graduates from Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” (WIUU). The mission of the organization is to attract Wisconsin students to moral issues in our society and to combine the willingness to help children in orphanage homes around Ukraine. WIUU students actively participate in different charity projects which are organized by the charity foundation.

Olena Zhogol – ConcordiaUA (WIUU) graduate (2013)

I have worked at advertising Agency “Dion” as a client service manager. I enjoyed it so much. There were a really useful at WIUU that helped me to achieve best results in my work experience. After so various projects and experience I gained through all my courses, I had no problems either with documental work or with communication with the clients.

Kateryna Pryimachenko – General Manager, Neochimiki Ukraine, Ltd. – ConcordiaUA (WIUU) Graduate (2012)

After years of graduation from the first university and working experience in various businesses, I recognised that I needed to gain access to the latest management know-how and to certify my professional qualification.   The best opportunities which would help me to reach my goals were presented by the WIUU MBA program. I enjoyed the WIUU approach to adult education which includes flexible class-schedule (mostly evening or weekend classes), interesting teaching and learning methods (projects and cases studies) and emphasis on team-work activities.  Strong student’s and professor’s commitment requirements made the studies interesting, complete and useful.

The MBA opened doors to new friendships and relationships with interesting people of different cultures. These friendships were born in the atmosphere of searching and absorbing new professional knowledge – a very special learning atmosphere I had never experienced before. I am deeply grateful to WIUU and professors for the knowledge and skills that were given to us.

Olga Rotan – Samsung (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2012)

Owing to Mark Savchuk my first impression of Marketing in general was very positive and it inspired me to move in that direction in my future career. Articles from Economist, colorful and substantial presentations, up-to-date information, that is displayed with strong knowledge; life situations, presented with humor and teacher’s charisma make Mark’s classes unforgettable.

Mariana Shatova – ConcordiaUA (WIUU) Graduate (2010)

Students start off with a vision of their ideal job, but this vision is really just a guess based on theory.  During my student life I took internship program couple of times. Tetra Pak, Chumak, Peace Cops – these are all big companies that I had a chance to “test” on my own. I’m glad that WIUU provides this unique opportunity to undergo internship in big international companies. Having internship is much better than not having one. After graduation your CV is not a blank piece of paper, also it is a great way to jump into corporate environment, work with co-workers of all ages, and develop presentation skills. You may not personally see a difference in yourself, but I promise you will become a bit wiser, more mature, more confident, and a better candidate for the next internship or a full-time job. No one’s career path is a straight line. This is your chance to drive different positions to see which ride you enjoy most. Use it!

Juliya Budynka – ConcordiaUA (WIUU)Graduate (2010)

When 17 I felt like the whole world was at my feet. I had ambitions, dreams and goals. It was time for me to make a choice that would apparently influence my future.  WIUU is a perfect place for those who doesn’t accept “the Soviet regime of teaching”, who search for the innovative approach, democracy, high level of education, deep involvement into the process itself and perfect perspectives for the future. Our University gave me a great opportunity to take internships in different spheres to better understand what I want to choose in future. Pfizer, Peace Corps and OTP Bank are the places where I was at as an intern. Marketing, Charitable department with Grants and Banking processes helped me to better understand the business from within and gave precious experience that helped me when getting a job. WIUU is a place that will give you a lot of prerogatives, good knowledge, unforgettable experience of internships and a lot of other interesting things. So, if you’re a part of this place – enjoy it.


Mrs. Olga Ozerova, Customer Training Executive (2006- present)

I first came to Reuters for an internship and worked on a project where we were responsible for creating a promotion campaign of a new software, the purpose of which was to provide our clients with business communication services. Once my internship was finished, I was offered a job.

Facts about:

Although most people know of Reuters in terms of providing news, journalistic activity accounts for only a part of the company’s income. Reuters is more focused on business analysis and providing business information, like share prices and currency exchange rates to clients. Reuters has a small team in Ukraine and includes journalists, a business team, technical support and all others.