Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022
By 2022 to have accredited by the National Agency of Quality Assurance/Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine existing and new educational programs.
To maintain Master and Bachelor FIBAA accreditation.
To improve Quality Assurance through Comprehensive Assessment, Institutional Research and Quality Enhancement in order to maintain good standing with FIBAA, CHEA/CIQG,
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; to get the License for PhD and to further accredit it abroad (USA/UK/Germany).
To improve the students’ learning experience and to enhance the learning environment of the University through investment in library, IT, e-learning resources.
To invest in new academic staff to increase academic offerings and to improve the organisational structure of the university. 
To improve the Physical Environment of the University by upgrading existing facilities as funding permits. To review usage and maintenance of all University facilities with a view to increasing better utilisation as well as improving facilities.
To continue students enrollment increase in accordance with the license.
To continue preparatory department students increase as well as to develop their countries presence.
To increase freshmen progression and projected completion to 85% along with achieving an 85% satisfaction rate on standardised surveys. 
To further implement a ‘Graduate Employability Strategy’ and to develop even further internships in Ukraine and abroad. 
To improve the research profile of the university through developing a ‘Research Strategy’ for the University with partners and to develop a Research Journal “Business, Economics, Sustainability, Leadership and Innovation” (a new Journal Site, online Journal publishing, forum and two conferences).
To improve alumni relations and to develop joint (students/current and former faculty/companies/ alumni) projects. 
To build cooperative agreements with the local communities, colleges, schools and companies in Ukraine and abroad. To work with schools and Colleges to widen participation. To embed civic engagement in the curriculum.
To establish strategic partnerships with international universities and companies with key partnerships in the (USA, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey) to provide exchange programs for our students as well as offering internship and career opportunities. To establish representative office abroad.
To improve Dual Programs with partner universities and to establish a Dual Program with business.
To provide more active participation of UACU Supervisory Board, Rector’s Advisors, Honorary President and Honorary Chancellor in UACU leadership alongside with the Academic Senate and Students Council.

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The Admission Office is open
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Office 1-4

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Tel: +380(44)236-19-49
Tel./fax: +380(44)486-06-66 +380(50)331-42-95


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