Academic Office

Director of Academic Services OfficeMrs. Lilia M. Parkhomenko

Principal tasks of the Academic Services Office

The Academic Services Office manages the academic processes of UACU, i.e.:

  • plans and organizes the teaching processes on the joint Ukrainian-American curriculum;
  • implements new strategies and techniques of records management in the operations of UACU’s structural divisions;
  • collects data and drafts statistical reports, summary reports for the Rector and the Provost for Academic Affairs;
  • plans and organizes UACU’s graduate/alumni placement.


Functions of the Academic Services Office

According to its principal tasks, the Academic Services Office performs the following operations:

  1. Planning and organization of the teaching and learning processes:
  • takes part in the drawing of the yearly educational plan of UACU and transmits the approved plan to UACU departments and structural divisions;
  • draws up the yearly academic schedule;
  • plans the number of groups at each year/level of undergraduate and graduate programs;
  • makes up class timetables, circulates and communicates them to lecturers and students;
  • draws up timetables of midterm, final modular control and end-of-semester examinations;
  • develops event plans and draft operation orders on academic organization and management, final assessment, and examination boards composition;
  • drafts a yearly Rector’s order “On approval of the amount of the teaching load and benchmark hours for UACU faculty workload estimation and tracking”;
  • plans the yearly academic faculty workloads for UACU departments with due regard for relevant legislation, UACU’s financial budgeting, and departmental specifics;
  • controls the completion of the teaching load (per department; per month, semester, academic year);
  • prepares documents and reports on the teaching load for time-reporting faculty, controls their performance and records;
  • analyzes annual administrative reports of the dean and departments, followed by drawing up generalized performance summaries for the Rector’s and Provost’s reports at the meetings of the Academic Senate (August, February);
  • organizes and analyzes the results of the assessment of students’ entry-level / pre-course competences, carried out by UACU departments;
  • controls UACU departments in terms of commitment to and performance of the approved academic curricula, educational plans, syllabi, plans of departmental academic and methods meetings, academic faculty workloads, teaching records and reports;
  • controls UACU Dean’s Office in terms of meeting the requirements of record keeping, the fulfillment of the Rector’s orders and the Provost’s instructions on academic organization and management;
  • prepares the festivities “Matriculation Ceremony” for UACU freshmen and “Commencement Ceremony” for UACU graduates (masters and bachelors);
  • provides (following the permission of the UACU’s executive authorities) the required information and records on the issues within the purview of the Academic Services Office.


  1. Implementation of new strategies and techniques of records management in the operations of UACU’s structural divisions:
  • manages the implementation of new strategies and techniques at the departmental level;
  • holds scientific and methods workshops on teaching and methodology with department heads and methodology assistants, and the Dean’s Office administrative staff on the subject of modern records, record keeping standards, and new technologies in teaching and learning.


  1. Collecting data and drafting statistical and summary reports for the Rector and the Provost for Academic Affairs:
  • drafts the statistical report (form 3-НК) to be submitted to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • collects and analyzes the data on missed classes, draws up semester and annual reports on this matter;
  • collects data on the outcomes of final modular control, examination sessions (according to courses taught and a student’s year of studies), analyzes the data and prepares a summary for the Rector’s and Provost’s reports;
  • draws up yearly statistical reports on internal student mobility and changes in student status (every month, semester, year);
  • collects and prepares statistical data on UACU’s educational activity in order to calculate the benchmark indicators of UACU for the rankings of private higher educational institutions compiled by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


  1. The broadening of the range of education services offered, timely provision to UACU graduates of documents on higher education compliant with European standards:
  • prepares the licensure and accreditation packages on the specialities and study programs of UACU and submits these documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • explores, summarizes, and communicates to UACU’s structural divisions the changes in the normative and policy frameworks on licensure and accreditation; draws up instructional guidelines on the matter;
  • provides for timely licensing arrangements; reassures licenses and certificates in case of expiry;
  • compiles and places an online application for the issue and re-issue of the documents on higher education, student cards, duplicates;
  • prepares, orders, distributes, and keeps record of diploma supplements (transcripts) compliant with European standards.

Admissions Department

The Admission Office is open
9:00 – 18:00 on Weekdays
10:00 – 16:00 on Saturdays
Sundays: Closed

at the address:
8–14, Turhenievska Street, Kyiv
Office 1-4

Tel: +380(44)236-19-16;
Tel: +380(44)236-19-49
Tel./fax: +380(44)486-06-66 +380(50)331-42-95


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