Academic Senate

Academic Senate of UkrainianAmerican Concordia University

The Academic Senate of the Ukrainian-American Concordia University is a standing peer advisory body of UACU, formed in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 34 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”. The length of one term of service on the Senate is up to five years. The Academic Senate is guided in its work by the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, normative legal documents of the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine, the UACU Statute, and other legal instruments in force.

The Academic Senate takes decisions and renders recommendations within its competence under the Statute of the Ukrainian-American Concordia University. The powers and functions of the Academic Senate include the following:

  • setting the strategy and perspective directions for education, research, and innovation; development of the UACU Statute; rendering amendments and additions to the Statute, and submitting them for review and discussion at the general staff meeting;
  • approving financial plans, budgets, and reports; upon a head’s request, approving decisions on the creation, reorganization or divestment of structural units;
  • identifying the priority areas and directions of operations and the development prospects of the UACU;
  • enacting financial plans, budgets, and reports; the strategic and operating plans of the UACU;
  • monitoring academic standards and assuring quality instruction and service of the structural units;
  • making decisions on the learning and teaching processes; approving programs, curricula and syllabi;
  • developing major directions for research.

The Academic Senate operates in the format of meetings, held at least once a month. On urgent matters, a special extraordinary meeting can be called at the Rector’s discretion or upon an initiative of the Rector’s Office.

The decisions of the Academic Senate are brought into force by the Rector’s administrative and executive orders binding for the UACU faculty, staff, and students.

The implementation of the decisions of the Academic Senate is imposed on the heads of the UACU structural units and controlled by the Rector, Provost for Research and other Provosts / Vice-Rectors in line with their functional duties, and the Scientific Secretary of the UACU.

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