with HMC Projects in Central and Eastern Europe

British boarding schools are amongst the very best schools in the

HMC Projects is a charitable trust which organises two scholarship programmes for very bright and able 16/17 year-olds in 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. It takes about 90 scholars each year and places them in some 60 boarding schools in all parts of the UK, so that they can study for the full two-year Sixth Form programme and take internationally recognised qualifications (A Levels, the International Baccalaureate or Scottish Highers).

Could you win a scholarship?
· Are you bright, able, adaptable, different, ambitious, interesting?
· Do you have consistently excellent school grades?
· Do you have a very good command of English, spoken and written?
· Are you a self-starter?
· Could you not only cope, but thrive in a new environment, away from home, immersed in a different approach to learning?
· Could you contribute to your new school academically, socially, culturally, in the arts, in sports? Will you inspire others in the classroom?
· Are you ready to make new, lifelong friends?
· Would you be a great ambassador for your own country?

Why might a top British boarding school want to award you a scholarship? The value of a full scholarship is between £35,000 and £40,000 each year. Why might a school wish to award you such a generous scholarship?
Because you answered yes to all the questions above….and because top British boarding schools want to attract top students….
To apply…
· You must be no younger than 16.0 and no older than 17.6 on 1st September 2018;
· You must intend to study for the full two years of the Sixth Form;
· Your parents or guardians must support your desire to win a scholarship;
· You must apply via the HMC Projects Country Coordinator in your country.
You will need to complete a detailed application form in which you tell us about yourself and your achievements and write about why you want to win a scholarship. You will also organise references from your teachers, take an English Language test and, if invited, you will attend an interview in your own country with one or more representatives of HMC Projects. Competition for these scholarships is intense, but if you don’t apply….!

Two Scholarship Programmes:
The Full Scholarship.
HMC Projects Full Scholarships are intended to benefit those whose parents cannot afford to pay full United Kingdom boarding school fees. Schools participating in the Scheme consider this to be part of how they offer public benefit. HMC Projects has therefore decided that the combined parental income of applicants must not exceed £30,000 as assessed during 2017. Your scholarship will cover all your tuition, food and accommodation. You will receive a bursary of £300 to help with other expenses. You will attend an orientation course in Cambridge with all the other scholars at the start of your time in the UK.
The Reduced Fee Scholarship.
If your family’s income exceeds £30,000 you are eligible to apply for a reduced fee scholarship. Reduced fee scholars typically pay between £6,000 and £8500 each year. This covers tuition, food and accommodation and you will also attend the Cambridge orientation course.

What will you have to pay?
If you win a full scholarship your family will have to pay:
· an administration fee of £1750 if you hold a EEA passport;
· an administration fee of £1250 if you hold a non-EEA passport plus visa and
healthcare costs;
· your travel costs to and from the UK.
If you win a reduced fee scholarship your family will have to pay:
· reduced school fees – typically between £6,000 and £8,000 each year;
· visa and healthcare costs if you are from a non EEA country;
· your travel costs to and from the UK.

Where can I find out more?
· You will find a full introduction to the work of HMC Projects on our website:
· The sections Student FAQs, Comments from Scholars, Thoughts about my Year will provide answers to most of your questions…
· Ask your HMC Projects Country Coordinator.

What scholars say about their experience:
“I have had an amazing experience here in the school, made loads and loads of friends and I can say that this scholarship has changed my life.”
“Being in England has been the most amazing experience, it has been extraordinarily eye opening for me to be a part of this type of education. I am incredibly happy to find every single one of my subjects really interesting and personally fulfilling. It has really helped me to discover my academic strengths and interests.”
“Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, the HMC scholarship has kick-started my life and I have been on top of my game ever since.”
“The joy of rolling full and empty tin cans of baked beans to calculate inertia, to boil the bark of a willow tree to extract salicin…real education! I met new people, learned new things, engaged in new activities, made new mistakes.”
“I did everything I could at my school: I sang, I acted, I danced, I worked for charity, I joined an Italian club, I wrote for the school newspaper, I attended Peer Support training, I did Community Service. I enjoyed every aspect to its fullest, because at home I do not have all these opportunities and I have to live in the moment.”
“The HMC Projects scholarship gave me a chance to expand my national citizenship into a global citizenship – my entire life since leaving my UK school has been influenced by this change for which I am extremely grateful.”

How to apply
Scholarships are advertised nationally each autumn (normally in October) and the advertisements will carry details of the persons and addresses to be contacted.
Applications are made through your HMC Projects Country Coordinator around November time. Selection Interviews take place in your country in January or February. Those awarded scholarships start the new school year in September.
HMC Projects Country Coordinator for Ukraine
The current HMC Projects Country Coordinator for Ukraine is Ukrainian-American Concordia University (previously named Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine). http://www.concordia.edu.ua/
Ukrainian-American Concordia University and HMC Projects in Central and Eastern Europe signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the intent to efficiently realise the scholarship programme for gifted Ukrainian secondary school pupils, offering them an opportunity to study for the full two-year Sixth Form programme in boarding schools of the United Kingdom and take internationally recognised qualifications.
Starting from 2018, the HMC Projects Country Coordinator – Ukrainian-American Concordia University – will operate at the pre-selection stage through the system of regional agents. If your school or any other educational institution is interested in coordinating the programme locally, please contact us at hmcprojects@wiuu.edu.ua or at the following address and telephone numbers:
Українсько-американський університет Конкордія
Postal address: вул. Тургенєвська 8/14, мКиїв, 01054
The organisation of the contest for pupils in Ukraine
The contest has two stages, Pre-selection (local / regional) and Selection Interviews (national). In order to apply, you should email us at hmcprojects@wiuu.edu.ua or fill in the electronic application form on our site: http://www.concordia.edu.ua/home/hmc-projects/ (English) or http://www.concordia.edu.ua/uk/home/hmc-projects/ (Ukrainian) when the contest is announced.
The schedule of activities for the current contest (2018) is given below.
October 2017: the competition was announced and a Ukrainian panel of judges was registered in each of the regional centres of Ukraine; a list of interested applicants for a scholarship was compiled in the regional centres.
November 12th – 18th 2017: the written pre-selection test was held in each of the regional centres in order to determine the applicants’ English competence.
November 25th 2017each regional centre submitted the list of participants recommended for interview with the representatives of HMC Projects from the UK to the Country Coordinator.
December 1st – 5th 2017: those selected submitted their completed electronic application forms along with the printed application pack to the Country Coordinator.
December 2017: the list of the candidates was compiled for the interviews with interviewers from the UK representing HMC Projects and the electronic application forms of those to be interviewed were sent to the interviewers in the UK.
January 2018: interviews with the representatives from HMC Projects from the UK (January 25th) were conducted.
February 2018: the winners of the competition were selected by HMC Projects in the UK and their names were announced on February 20. Scholarship selections.
On September 1st, 2018, Ukrainian scholars will start their 6th Form studies at:
Forthcoming Events
March – May 2018:
Winners will receive correspondence from the school in the UK for which they have been selected by HMC Projects. The school will send a formal invitation.
June – July 2018:
  • Application for a visa to travel and study in the UK must be completed and submitted online;
  • The documents required for the visa application are submitted and processed.
August 2018:
  • The organisation and purchase of the flight tickets;
  • Preparation of the group presentation for orientation course in Cambridge;
  • In late August or early September: departure for the UK.

Additional information can be found here:

For more information, contact ConcordiaUA at hmcprojects@wiuu.edu.ua