Dear Friends,

There are Career Counseling and Internship services provided at ConcordiaUA on regular basis. Career Counseling Business internship was created at ConcordiaUA as a step toward reaching the goals of becoming the leading educational establishment in research and education. The main purpose of internship is providing students with practical experience in business according to international and Ukrainian standards.

Career counselors organize workshops on resume writing, job interviewing techniques and other relevant issues. They advise students and graduates on career planning and job opportunities.

Career counselors expose qualified ConcordiaUA students to their potential future employers and form links between the University and business community. Internships are designed to prepare applicants for future jobs and careers; help you accomplish your professional goals; assist you in being a more competitive candidate in your future job search. You can also use an internship to determine if you have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, and gain credits. It is also your chance to find permanent, paid employment with the company in which you interned. Thus, employers also benefit as experienced interns need little or no training when they begin full-time regular employment.

We also invite our graduates to join ConcordiaUA Alumni Club for their future carrier development and a network of contacts.

I hope that this Catalogue will provide you with helpful information on different issues of Internship and Alumni. I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Public Relations and Internship Coordinator

Romanovska O.O.

If former ConcordiaUA students decide to join Alumni Club, they will become active members of our Alumni database and will receive all the Alumni news. ConcordiaUA Alumni Club strives to show support in bringing graduates, faculty and administration back together. For this purpose Alumni Club meetings are held as well. Our Alumni show great enthusiasm and willingness to join the Club. Such meetings have various benefits for both graduates and the University. Joining the Alumni Club is the best and direct way to stay connected with WIUU community.

Our Senior Student Volodymyr Hritsay had  his summer 2017 internship at the kids’ camp Brigantina as a  Head of English Studies for kids 7-17 years old.

Volodymyr demonstrated great organizational and communication skills, responsibility, active and creative attitude to his activities as well as caring about kids and perfect methodology and language skills.

Patricia Essen graduated from and later worked as an international programs coordinator and instructor at UACU and now she is a successful entrepreneur:

At ConcordiaUA you will get invaluable knowledge combined with professional skills necessary for your career as well as many new interesting friends. Here the students are greatly motivated to become independent by means of individual and team activities. Just don’t be late!

Stadnik Bohdan

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you for organizing the student exchange program between University of Trier and ConcordiaUA.

This Winter Semester 2017 was one of the most brightest and valuable times of my life. During exchange period I made many new friends from different countries, improved my proficiency of German language & culture, and obtained professional theoretical knowledge.

I strongly believe that the integration process will continue to grow (including between Germany and Ukraine) in different areas: education, economics, cultural, social, and political. Thereby the importance and relevance of studying experience in Trier University will only increase with time.

Marina Peresadchenko

Our certificates, finally! Present for St.Valentine’s day from our uni. Another one achievement and quite unique experience . That awkward moment when you’re trying to use words you didn’t know before.

Tnx to ConcordiaUA and The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for this opportunity

Dmytro Nadtochiy – UACU alumni

I am currently working for my MBA degree at University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and I must admit that my studies at ConcordiaUA were very instrumental in all aspects of my MBA endeavor. Most of the core curriculum classes at Ross, including microeconomics, statistics, accounting, and finance were very similar to the ones I worked through at ConcordiaUA. Moreover, while at Ross I had no problems adapting to the requirements of American Professors and overall classroom experience, so I could hit the ground running. One of the exciting opportunities offered by the top MBA programs in the U.S. is recruiting with top multinational corporations. I was lucky to spend my internship summer at Google, European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Roman Shatov – Implementation Manager, PJSC “Deutsche Bank DBU” – ConcordiaUA Alumni

“My name is Roman Shatov and I have been working with Deutsche Bank for over two challenging, but successful years. My current responsibilities mainly include Implementation of local and global deals and product management tasks. The education and practical experienced world-wide Deutsche Bank team. Cooperation with foreign colleagues from absolutely different parts of the world allows me to further develop skills and knowledge of International Business received at ConcordiaUA.”

Josef Graf – The Chairman of the Management Board at Porsche Leasing and Porsche Finance Group

ConcordiaUA, thank you for you partnership! We get only best personalities from your institute, as Lisa Marchenko is one of them. We are very proud about their engagement and spirit, and love to work with them as well than with UACU as our partner university! Thank’s a lot!

Olga Lutsenko (August 2016)

Currently I live in Moscow, moved here in October 2015, as received an offer from Ernst and Young. This company is a member of so-called Big Four – major international audit companies that provide both auditing and consulting services. (Big Four: Ernst and Young, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte). I work in an audit department of the financial sector, my main and the most important customer at the moment is “Sberbank”, Russia’s largest bank by the number of assets, so in general I like everything. I have worked for almost a year already, was promoted to Analyst of the 2nd year a week ago and now I am going straight to the goal – to work a little more and transfer to our office in another country!)) After graduation from the university I went to the UK to obtain Master’s degree, studied Finance and Accounting at Warwick Business School. Currently this school is around 5-6th in the ranking of universities in the United Kingdom, and ConcordiaUA really helped me to enter it, namely the language and the structure of our education. Accordingly, the study in the UK was less difficult for me because during 4 years of studies I gained a strong knowledge of finance and accounting at the University. After graduation I planned to stay in England and work there. But there was a story: I was invited to work in the London office of Ernst and Young, but encountered visa difficulties, and as a result I moved to Moscow and currently work in their Moscow office. Overall, baccalaureate gave me a very strong base, which I still use in my job. I believe that the experience of our teachers just played a major role in getting such a good foundation, because everything that I studied, I use on actual audit projects and it helps to quickly move up the career ladder!

Julia Orel (August, 2016)

Hello everyone! My name is Julia Orel. 4 years ago I left the walls of our university. Without hesitation, I got married. After working for a year as a personal assistant of the owner of Jewelry House Zarina Natalya Netovkina, I decided to leave and have a child in the USA. With my husband we made our dream come true and decided to stay and live in this beautiful country. It is not in vain that I studied in ConcordiaUA.

Currently we are working with my husband in his business. Knowledge of most subjects helps me now in many issues. Sometimes I think that I had to study harder because now I feel like going through all 4 courses again, only at work. What is very pleasant, is my knowledge of English. It is nice to hear surprised questions from people, where I have learned the language. I am grateful to ConcordiaUA for this, and even here, on the territory of America, I always tell about it.

On November 5, Ukrainian-American Concordia University presented a new Master Dual Program with or partner – University of Occupational Safety Management (UOSM) in Katowice (Poland)

ConcordiaUA students pursuing Master’s degrees in Business Administration or International Management have an opportunity to participate in the joint programs: Project Management or Psychology in International Business from UOSM. The dual diploma program starts in 2018.

The presentation, hosted by UACU, was attended by our partner university officials, Dr. Jacek Skorus, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, and Kateryna Lukianova, Office of International Cooperation. ConcordiaUA was represented by Liubov I. Kondratenko, Cand. of Sci. in Pedagogy, Provost; Liubov V. Zharova, Dr. of Sci. in Economics, Head of the International Management and International Business Department, senior scientist; Oleksandra O. Romanovska, Cand. of Sci. in Pedagogy, Head of the Liberal Arts Department.

The speakers for our partner university presented its didactic infrastructure and emphasized the significant importance attached to the internationalization of studies at UOSM, i.e. cooperation with universities and research centers in Europe and involvement with international programs. Special attention was paid to the opportunities, perspectives and benefits ConcordiaUA students receive through the joint dual diploma programs.

Finally, the participants discussed the specific issues of the current programs and outlined the directions for the future cooperation.