ConcordiaUA Alumni

Every year during eighteen years ConcordiaUA (WIUU) is wishing happy future to its graduates. During the Graduation Season students, faculty and staff are so excited and happy! We are always greatly interested in the success story of our alumni!

Enjoy some nice memories from Graduation 2006!

12 years ago! Dear our students, now alumni! Wishing you much success!
Waiting for information and pictures from ConcordiaUA (WIUU) Graduates!
Miss WIUU Competition 2011 — with Taras Hivchak and Anastasiia Kovach-Petrushenko.

Christina Bilash Johnson & Johnson

Approaching another important milestone of my life… Have to admit that it was sometimes quite challenging yet exciting experience. I really enjoyed every bit of it and already start feeling nostalgic…
I would like to dedicate my special thanks to our Dean, Elena Volovyk. Thank you for all your support, guidance, leadership, and passion!
And also to all the professors and instructors, my thanks for experience, knowledge, and inspiration.  🙏❤

Bachelor Courses Evaluation (questionnaire)

Dear Bachelor Students,
We are looking forward to your evaluation of the courses have been offered.
The deadline is May 20. We would appreciate having your opinion here:
Thank you for cooperation.
ConcordiaUA Administration

Dr. David C. Birner “Individual Rights and Education” and Dr. Daniel S. Sem “Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation”

On April 20, 2018, our students and colleagues met Dr. David C. Birner, Executive Director of International Education, Concordia University Wisconsin, and Dr. Daniel S. Sem, Dean and Professor of Business School, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Concordia University Wisconsin.

Dr. Birner and Dr. Sem touched on many interesting topics in their speeches, and also presented videos about the Concordia University Wisconsin to all listeners.

Dr. Birner’s presentation “Individual Rights and Education” was devoted to the rights of US citizens, in particular civil liberties. The speech was rich in examples and explanations. Also, he suggested that students compare the civil liberties of US citizens and citizens of Ukraine.

The topic of Dr. Sem’s presentation was “Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation”. The speaker said a lot about the MBA program at Concordia University Wisconsin. Also, special attention in the speech was paid to the issue of entrepreneurship. Students listened to the offered lectures with great enthusiasm, asked questions and participated in the discussions.



Feedback from our students:


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ConcordiaUA presentation at the “Job Fair – 2018”

Natalia M. Protsun, Dean of Management and Business Department, and Tetiana O. Romanovska, Director of ConcordiaUA Library, presented ConcordiaUA at the “Job Fair – 2018” targeted to school graduates. The Job Fair was hosted by Irpin City Employment Center.


Dual Diploma Master Program with Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA)

In April 2018 Ukrainian-American Concordia University signed Articulation agreement with Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA). Now our students can get a master’s degree in management of foreign economic activity/MBA of our University and a master degree in business specializations at our partner Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA). To do this, six subjects from the agreed master’s curriculum will be taken by students at Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA) – online or at one of the campuses of Wisconsin or Michigan.