Dmytro Yakovenko

Dmytro Yakovenko

Master, 2007

Five years spent at Concordia University (Wisconsin International University at that time) were an invaluable experience, which contributed greatly to my future professional success.

Many students entering the school had had a previous experience of studying abroad or in an international environment. So, we were looking to capitalize on that and receive a western-style higher education. And this is exactly what WIUU provided for us.

Courses being taught in English by American and British professors, Bologna process (which WIUU were one of the pioneers to apply in Ukraine), a multitude of presentations, case studies, group projects and real life simulations that we had to do – all gave us knowledge and skills necessary to feel comfortable in the modern business world.

Upon graduating, most of us did not have issues with finding a job (mainly, thanks to an effective internships program, run by the university). Many graduates got employed by international companies (Fortune 500 and the likes). Some felt confident enough to start their own businesses. And we did not have to “forget everything we had been taught”. On the contrary, we were full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm to bring them into life.

Now, 12 years after the graduation, as far as I know, a lot of my groupmates have significantly advanced in their careers. Some (like myself) have transferred abroad. Others hold top positions in Ukrainian enterprises and organizations. I must say that, despite having some doubts in the beginning, now, looking back, I am sure WIUU was the right choice.

I am truly grateful to the university for developing my potential and supplying me with assets required to succeed in life and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in accelerating their career thru quality education.


Dmytro Yakovenko

Ocean Imports Coordinator at Panalpina Canada

Class of 2006 (Bachelor’s)

Class of 2007 (Master’s)