Ksenia Karpova

Ksenia Karpova

Master, 2012

It is always a pleasure and a challenge to communicate with our alumni, to learn that they work in various fields, to get their references regarding the university Programs, analysis of their knowledge, tips for improving our education process. Today we are communicating with Ksenia Karpova.

Ksenia Karpova – Editor-in-Chief of Podcasts at MEGOGO

-Please, mind the gap, the next station is – University.

Ironically, but I heard this for five years in a row almost every day when I went to the university. Many times on the two tedious escalators, it seemed like I was wasting my time. On this rise, and in general at school.

… I studied not journalism, but management of international economic activities and international business. What for? I didn’t know before. Now I think that for the general development and understanding of how everything is arranged in the world in general. Marketing, all kinds of swot analysis, business ethics, psychology, finance, accounting. Even higher mathematics and statistics with formulas that had to be calculated by hand, and not in Excel. Ok, the latter was still a dumb waste of time. But only the last.

It is at the university that you learn to delve deeply into the topic, and not poke the screen on the first Google link and suffer from clip thinking, because you can not concentrate. In memes you can, in the analysis of various information – you cannot. This is not about practice, unfortunately, although practice is lacking. It’s better to forget that everything will be needed at work. Only the mind and ability to learn quickly will be useful. Where are they from? Right. Yes, the system is outdated, the approaches too, but it is at the university that all the juices are squeezed out of you so that you at least put something in your head…You learn to analyze, and not just grab the tops. You draw conclusions, draw parallels. Quickly absorb new information… Yes, in the bottom line, we are still more educating by ourselves. But for this you need a kick … because laziness most often prevails (yes this is normal, I write from the couch). This kick gives higher education…