Шатов Роман Олексійович

Шатов Роман Олексійович

Мастер, 2010

Роман це – перший студентський ректор; перші благодійні опікування школами, сиротами; перші конкурси MISS/MISTER WIUU; перший каталог про інтернатуру наших студентів; перша Students Year Book і багато-багато студентських ініціатив у різних сферах життя.
Пишаємося і знайомимо зі сьогоднішніми найкрутішими студентами ConcordiaUA:

Coming from a small village in the eastern part of Ukraine, the idea of studying in Kyiv seemed like a far reaching and almost impossible at times. My personal journeys started 15 years ago, when I participated in the Annual English Competition organized by WIUU (now Concordia University).
For my parents with the idea that universities should be big and owned by the government, the idea of studying in a smaller privately owned university did not seem like an intuitive one, but I am glad they helped me make the right choice.

My years in the university were the best years in my life. Not only had I found my beautiful wife, but also friendship that lasts until today despite the distance and challenges of the everyday life.

During my education years, I was lucky enough to participate in the internship program organized by the university. I was a part of Finance and HR at Citi. It was an eye opening time and gave me a great insight into the real world of banking.

Upon successful completion of the degree and thanks to my hard work at Citi, I had an incredible opportunity to join Global Transaction Banking (GTB) division of Deutsche Bank in Ukraine, where I was responsible for the Implementation of the Deutsche Bank products for the clients. Through the years, the experience in GTB gave me a good insight into the front and back-office specifics of the banking.

After 7 years of hard and dedicated work, I had another great opportunity to join Deutsche Bank Treasury in Ukraine, where I was working on various topics within Treasury (Capital Management, Funds Transfer Pricing, Treasury Pool Management, Liquidity Management, etc.).

Two years into my Treasury role, Treasury in the US was looking for a suitable candidate to join the Liquidity Management division in the region, and I raised my hand and volunteered, even though the decision was not an easy one for me and my family with a small child at that time.

I should admit what 2 years on Wall Street in New Year were above my wildest expectations. To manage liquidity in the Global Systemically Important Bank (GSIB) like Deutsche Bank is an incredible responsibility. My talented colleagues and I are working in a very challenging, competitive, dynamic and without doubt exciting environment.

In summer 2019, the opportunity to lead liquidity management team in Jacksonville, Florida emerged and without any hesitation, I accepted this challenge and ultimately this new stage in the incredible journey.
Best regards,
Roman Shatov